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Plot area: 11,117 sq.ft

Landscape Area: 4740 sq.ft

Client Requirement: The landscape of the North Park residential building must be renovated and redesigned to enhance the beauty of the building and be utilized effectively.  AAKA’s perspective: The landscape can be redesigned with proper functional spaces and segregating the garden with barriers wherever needed. To enhance the beauty and microclimate of the house a small waterbody can be introduced into the garden.

North Park is a landscape project inside a bungalow complex in Ahmedabad. The building footprint sits in the middle of the plot, with landscape areas around the building. The landscaped area at the entrance includes a mini pond with hardscapes of Japanese gardening styles. The interior landscape is connected with the exterior landscape through a narrow passage. The interior landscape includes spaces for recreation and green walls with minimal hardscapes.

PHOTO-2022-06-13-13-10-15 (2).jpg
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