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Space Architecture is the theory and practice of designing and building habitable environments in outer space. It includes a multidisciplinary approach through fields such as design, engineering, physiology, sociology, psychology, etc.


The NOAH VR Experience by AAKA Space Studio was created while following a new design approach where the team analyses the habitat from the inside. It gives a unique perspective while trying to imagine and understand the living conditions provided for the crewmembers in the habitat. In the VR Experience the students will have the unique chance of seeing and interacting with an innovative origami habitat, which provides comfort while protecting the crew from the environmental factors such as extreme temperatures, radiation, lack of atmosphere, dust storms, etc



  • Show the students that the dream to be a space architect is real.

  • Teach a basic understanding of the concepts necessary for a habitat in the area of Space Exploration.



Any student or professional who is fascinated by space or wants to become a space architect can join the VR Experience.



  • VR Experience (5 minutes/ Student) + Equipment.

  • Show a presentation on Space Architecture basics, from an experienced team of Space Architects that worked on a multitude of projects, from conceptual (NOAH) to real (ISS). (20 min).

  • Posters for marketing the VR Experience.

  • Printed Boarding Ticket for each individual student + Participation Certificate - 5 CAD (~300 INR).

  • Souvenirs + 3D printed Models (small AAKA shop).

  • Discount for the Space Architecture Workshop for Student Price - 20%.

  • Discount for the Lunar and Martian Expedition for Student Price - 25%.



  • 1 batch - 20 students/2 Hours

  • 4 batches/Day (80 students)

  • 5 minutes of individual VR time per student

  • 8 hours in total

Necessities from Indus:

  • 10’x10’ Space for a safe experience.

  • 2 Tables for setting up.

  • Electricity sockets.

  • 2 extension cords.


  • Institution Price:

    • 500 CAD/Day 

  • 1800 CAD/4 Days

  • Student Price:

    • 6 CAD/Student 

    • Personal Boarding Ticket and Participation Certificate - 5 CAD/Student 



Expected Outcome


The students will have a novel experience of an extraterrestrial habitat, developed by Canada's and Asia’s first Space Architecture Company. It will excite them to pursue the space industry and follow their dreams. This experience will also encourage them to try AAKA Space Workshop, which will greatly benefit Indus and AAKA. 


Indus University will be the first academic institution in Asia to provide such an experience to their students. It will be able to market the institution as an organization that supports cutting edge architecture, design, engineering and informational technologies.

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Space Architecture - an emerging discipline

Experience the Virtual Reality for space architecture