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What are we?

AAKA is an evolving international design practise with a core focus to design, build and test prototypes based on interactive human-centered environments for extreme climatic territories, space missions, lunar and Mars missions.

We solve challenging problems in Space and Terrestrial Architecture with a perceptive approach by creating collaborative work environments, concentrated research and Integrating emerging technologies.


AAKA’S mission is to support the sustainable Infrastructural development on extraterrestrial and terrestrial land by reducing the project costs and implementing environmental friendly design.

What do we do?

How do we do?



  • Discovering and defining the problem 

  • Development of the idea creation


Mission Analysis

  • Identifying the challenge 

  • Drawing the path 

  • Exploring opportunities

Who supports us?

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Want to partner with us?

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Who are we?

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Karansinh Jhala 


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Mr. Karansinh Jhala is an Industrialist and a successful venture capitalist. At the age of twenty, he had launched hotel construction, and later he set up a 2500MT/annum bromine plant. In his previous venture, he successfully raised 10 US million dollars within a year and currently, he is serving as the director of AAKA SPACE STUDIO

Aastha Kacha

Founder | CEO

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An award winning Space Architect, founder of AAKA SPACE STUDIO and also works at Mars Society of Canada.  She has given Ted talks on Space Architecture and Application of Artificial Intelligence in Space Architecture. She has been appreciated for her contributions in the industry with awards like "Global Icon Award as India's youngest icon in Space Architecture", "Lunar Base contract Award" from NASA Space Academy, Aviation Champion award, Top Women in Aviation on Linkedin, was nominated in Forbed30under30 and other International and National accolades in design.

Vadim Arhip


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Vadim is a space architect and a lighting designer. He has worked with lighting designers of the International Space Station (ISS), and on low-earth orbit habitat to lunar habitat. He has made significant contributions in the field of space architecture through his architectural expertise and well being of crew members in a space habitat


Jay Latta

Technology Strategist

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Dr. Pillai

Senior Aerospace Engineer

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Jay Patel

Senior Aerospace Engineer

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Aaron Berliner

PHD Candidate, Bioengineering

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Alex Mira

Senior Technologist, ATCM

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Makarand  S.


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Dr. Elangovan

ISRO Scientist

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Tripti Mathur

Aerospace Quality Assurance

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Souktik B.

Computational Designer

Kinshuk Sharma

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Hetali Bhatt 


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Ezhil Valavan

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Gaurav J.

Khetpal Charan

Shashank Bhoopathi

Space Arch. Intern

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Mechanical Engineer Intern

CGI Artist 

Space Architectural Intern

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Arshleen Kaur

Space Architectural Intern

Arth Kacha

AI Intern, Space Robotics

Padmalaya Nath

Space Architectural Intern

Yash Anwar

Space Architectural Intern

What we have done


Next-gen Origami Analog Habitat

Noah Mars Final Render.jpg



3D Printed Martian Habitat

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Lunar Analog Habitat

Thorpe Lunar Render Final copy 2.jpg



In collaboration with Think Orbital (For NASA CLD Proposal/Limited to Rendering)