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Plot area: 2510.6 sq.ft

Ground Coverage: 

Built-up Area: 

FAR: 0.67

Client Requirement: The residential building must have facilities for 4 member family and must be a green building enabling airy spaces. 

AAKA’s perspective: The residential building can be designed using vernacular materials and embedding passive design strategies like stack effect, Jali, etc.Sanand Villa is an architecture and interior design project located in the Sanand area, Ahmedabad. With a built-up area of 1000sq.ft, the house creates an architectural statement using vernacular style amalgamated with contemporary architecture. The spaces are designed in consideration of utilizing the green pockets around the site. The building blends in with nature through the balcony garden and landscape gardening throughout the site. Terracotta tiles, woods, and green paver blocks are used with jali works and louvers to enable sunlight and natural ventilation throughout the house

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