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I.O.T.A (Inter Orbit TrAnsit) is a space vehicle that will be the main vessel that takes the tourists from earth’s orbit to the Lunar GatewayStation. A smaller vehicle called the L.L.V (Launching & Landing Vehicle) takes the passengers from the surface to low-earth orbit. It then docks with I.O.T.A to transfer the passengers aboard for the maiden voyage to the Lunar Gateway Station. During the return journey, I.O.T.A takes the passengers back to earth’s orbit where it will dock with the L.L.V, transfer the passengers back in, and safely return them to the earth’s surface. The most considerable fuel cost would be during the launching and landing phase. To reduce cost, the weight carried during this phase needs to be reduced. Rather than carrying the entire assortment of the main spacecraft up and down from the surface, a smaller vehicle carrying just the passengers while keeping the main spacecraft in orbit would significantly reduce the cos

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