North Road

North road 675 is a mix-used residential tower project, this site consists of two towers, out of two one is a rental tower and the other one is a condominium. At the time of joining BOP Architects, North Road 675 was in the building permit phase, therefore my tasks were to produce BP. BP Working drawings such as floor plans, elevations, window schedule, and some details of window walls, curtain walls. All of the drawings are produced using the current version of the Revit. Later at the end of 2020, Townline requested to change the design and make both the towers Rental covers, so then I was involved in re-designing the Revit model, updating parkade and storage up to BC building regulations. Aastha also did the Elevations for the Building Design phase and renderings for the new design. Throughout this project, she have enjoyed working designing unit planning, modeling window walls, balcony designs, and learning about Parkade, stairs, and storage regulations.

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Site Plan

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Floor plans