Frames House (Denmark)

Purpose of this project is to provide better quality living in Sonderbrogade area. We focused  on the  existing   cultural  context and therefore by using material  common in this area- red brick- and trying to  add  modern and sustainable  architectrural solution to this place. Special type of brickwork makes  an external  skin  stretched on  building’s body. Depending on the function needed skin has openings reinforced by steel frames, is opaque or semi-transparent. By simple  reposition  of bricks, we aim to create variety of experiences from wide openings, through semi-private balconies up to private and closed spaces.

main visualisation of building.jpg


frames-3 copy.jpg

Interior Renders

small apartment render-1.jpg
big apartment render-1.jpg

Floor Plans

Floor Plans

groundfloor plan copy.jpg
penthouse plan copy.jpg

Sustainability analysis

sustainability-analysis-1 copy.jpg